Loving Living Proof

I was so excited to try this Glossybox x Living proof hair care special edition!

I got the Living proof Prime Style extender in the Easter egg special and I absolutely love it, really helps hold your style and keep it for longer. So I had high hopes for this box which was an additional cost to the normal June box.

There’s a good mix of products in this box, two full size items which are the mask and leave in conditioner (perfect for my dry coloured hair).

There’s also a deluxe mini size of shampoo and conditioner which are great size for travelling and a styling cream.

Cute packing for the box

Five products, two full size and three deluxe minis

I loved the dusky purple packaging on the box and the message in the lid about being “powered by science”. There’s a cute purple ribbon as well.

T.B.D Multi-Tasking Styler

The multi-tasking styler was something I was keen to try with its promise of being an easy way to tame flyaways on dry hair and protect against heat styling on damp hair. I blow dry and straighten my hair pretty much every time I wash it so this was going to be put to the test!

On dry hair this acted like a serum, I usually use John Frieda Frizz Ease, but this felt lighter and worked into the ends of my hair easier.

On damp hair it again felt lighter and less greasy to apply and my hair definitely seemed smoother and had a nice shine to it. It smells lovely and it’s a cream texture.

Restore Shampoo and Conditioner

The Restore shampoo and conditioner are deluxe mini size and designed to help dry and damaged hair. It’s also designed to make your hair stronger and protect from future damage.

Restore Repair Leave-In

This is a leave in conditioner again designed to help with damaged hair, focusing on split ends another side effect of overstyling. A full size product and you only need two pumps of product on the ends of the hair to start seeing the benefit. I’ve only used this twice and it made a real difference to the feel of my hair already. Usually I have really dry ends on my hair but it’s made my hair feel much softer and shinier at the ends.

Restore Hair Mask

Another full size product the restore mask treatment which is designed for a weekly treat and to be used instead of the restore repair leave-in. This is a thick formula and needs to be left on for five minutes to work. I really loved this as well as it gave the dry ends of my hair some moisture and it felt super soft after treatment. I think I did see a difference in the shine as well, although it’s hard to tell if it was just this product or the combo of the leave-in and the mask.

An amazing duo!

The box was £20 for subscribers, £25 for non subscribers. I used my Glossy credits to buy so didn’t cost me much at all!

Altogether the value of the box is £78 so well worth purchasing.

Looking forward to seeing what Glossybox has planned for their next limited edition!

Full product list

Restore Repair Leave-In (Full size) £26

Restore Shampoo (Deluxe Mini) £5

(Full size £24)

Restore Conditioner (Deluxe Mini) £5

(Full size £24)

Restore Hair Mask (Full size) £37

T.B.D Multi-Tasking Styler (Deluxe Mini) £5

(Full size £25)


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