A new addition, meet Chip!

Chip at 8 weeks old!

So it’s been a busy time in our house. The end of the school holidays, an adventure to Crete and now a new addition to the house, Chip the cockapoo!

We fell in love with him way back in July and it seems like it’s been ages to wait for him to be ready to come home!

He’s a chocolate brown cockapoo and growing all the time, chewing everything in sight and generally being cute!

He came home with us a week ago now and honestly it’s like he has always been here, settled in brilliantly and starting to master toilet training like a pro!

Chip at 12 weeks

Now he’s settling nicely we can’t wait to start walking him properly once he has his last set of vaccinations. We got him lots of chew toys and different softer toys too but I think he really is ready for a few walks now.

So I’m after any puppy or dog tips you might have, please leave a comment or email if you have any special things you did with your pet!


6 thoughts on “A new addition, meet Chip!

  1. Rochelle Roan - Frantic Makes Perfect Blog says:

    Oh my god. He’s the cutest little floof!!!

    My pups know how to play dead so if you ever want to learn that, just let me know!

    My main tip when training new pups is to instil the reward system. It’s easier for them to remember when they’re getting rewarded for good behaviour.

    Really exciting that you have a new addition to your family 🙂

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