Joining forces c’mon, Vogue!

Vogue is one of my favourite magazines and each year I look forward to the September issue. Widely considered to be the most influential and important issue of the year, so much so there was a documentary made about it, search The September issue on Netflix to check it out, this year in a bold move, a guest editor was chosen. But not just any guest editor. It’s Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex, also known prior to her marriage as Meghan Markle.

Long considered a fashion icon, she is friends with designer Mischa Noo Noo and stylist Jessica Mulroney and once the writer of her very own blog, The Tig, it was interesting to see what she’d bring to an iconic publication in its most important issue of the year. And also the first time ever an issue of British Vogue has been co-edited.

With the cover title of Forces for Change and no one cover star already this felt like a different feel for Vogue. Each woman featured on the cover has her own piece inside and everyone from Jane Fonda to Salma Hayek to Laverne Cox and Sinead Burke this wasn’t your usual edition. Sixteen squares are on the cover featuring 15 change makers from film, modelling, climate change, disability advocacy, prime minster of New Zealand and the list goes on! The final square is mirrored to reflect the reader and to encourage you to think of the change you can make.

A patron of the charity Smart works which supports women by providing support and clothing for interviews, the Duchess has created a capsule clothing line, called the Smart Set with Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Jigsaw to provide the charity with a like for like item to the charity for each item purchased. I really love this idea of giving a like for like item. I know already the tote bag from John Lewis has sold out and is a really lovely looking piece.

I really enjoyed the articles with the Duchess, giving insight into how the guest editorship came about and some of the behind the scenes info she had to learn. Interviews with Michelle Obama and Dr Jane Goodall also featured, it felt like a very different direction for Vogue which I enjoyed.

I think she’s had a LOT of negative press lately but I for one am pleased to see a member of the Royal family making a real difference and reaching out to people in a way that hasn’t been done before. Some are saying she is trying to hold on to her “Hollywood” status but I see it as someone who knows she has been elevated to a place of privilege and who hasn’t forgotten where she has come from, and the struggles she faced to make it.

I look forward to seeing what she does next and hope the Smart Set collection continues to be successful.

To find out more about Smartworks visit

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