Lookfantastic October 2020 box

This months box has a ‘Retreat’ theme with six essentials for the ultimate self care session.

First is a hair wrap from Glov. This is a super soft microfibre wrap with the promise of helping speed up drying your hair which is definitely something I need help with as my hair is really thick and takes ages to dry!

Glov hair wrap £14.99

Next is an Overnight foot cream from ECooking. This smells lovely and is perfect for keeping your feet nice during the winter. You just pop it on your feet before you go to sleep and cover with socks to wake up with moisturised and fresh smelling feet! I’ve had products from ECooking before and they’ve always been really good and this one is too.

ECooking Overnight Footcream £8.10

By Terry’s signature lip balm is a blend of Shea butter, rose flower and vitamin E to wear either under your lip colour or alone for a smooth and subtle gloss finish.

By Terry Baume de Rose Falconette £14

Then we have a Starskin eye catcher mask to brighten, rejuvenate and reduce puffiness. These are quite a common beauty box item and I love getting these to use and help with dark circles.


The next item is a BubbleT Earl Grey bath tea which smells gorgeous and has lavender notes as well as the tea. It’s an unusual combination with the Earl grey tea but one I really liked.

BubbleT Earl Grey Bath Tea £5.99

Balance Me Bakuchiol serum is a plant based retinol for anti-aging benefits without irritation. You can use this AM and PM and follow with your usual moisturising routine.

Balance Me Bakuchiol serum £11

Sneak peek for November is Naobay Detox Oxygen light cream worth £16 which is a light day cream. I got a hand cream from this brand in a Glossybox and really liked it so will be interested to see what the face cream is like.


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